Call for Actors (Speaking & Signing) for ANOTHER Christmas Carol

Plans are in place for Kent Trumbull Theatre’s third joint Deaf/hearing play production. Deaf and hearing, signers and speakers, are encouraged to try out. The intended audience is both hearing and Deaf: those who are signing-impaired will be able to follow the play through the speakers’ performance and those who are hearing-impaired will be able to follow the play through the signers’ performance. Everyone will have a voice, be it signed or spoken. Visual space (the stage) will primarily belong to the signers, while audio space will primarily belong to the speakers. The speakers will be performing something akin to a radio play (on one part of the stage, with microphones on stands and a table of sound props for special effects), while the signers will be performing in American Sign Language on the rest of the stage. In addition to performing the play’s lines, speakers will provide additional sound effects (with their throats and mouths, but also with various types of instruments and other tools), and signers will provide additional visual effects (such as with led-gloves and flags or streamers, but also with dance and pantomime).  Children from ages 4 to 94 are encouraged to tryout!

September 27 & 28
7:00 to 9:00pm
Auditorium (Lecture Hall A)

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