Not Showing Yet!

While plans were set in motion to premiere this film in April, 2017 at Kent State University at Trumbull, as well as in May, 2017 at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (Western Michigan University), both plans fell apart.  Family and personal illness have plagued the reproduction of this film.  And maybe I shouldn’t call it a reproduction, since this is the story about, not one but, two staged ASL/English productions made at Kent State University at Trumbull?  The first film produced, released in 2012, was only about the performance of  For Every Man, Woman, and Child–a modern morality play inspired by EVERYMAN, which is (as the title declares) an adaptation of the medieval English play, Everyman, written in contemporary English, intended for American Sign Language translation to the stage, by Willy Conley.  This second film is about both that production and the 2013 production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (a.k.a. Deaf Snow White), directed by Iosef Schneiderman.

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